About Me

Hello friends! My name is Tiia. I've been blogging since fall 2010 when I moved to Utrecht, The Netherlands. This blog is reflection of my expat life and obsession of taking pictures and travel the world.

Who am I?

I'm 30+ year old Finnish girl who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I loooove taking pictures (I'm wanna-be photographer) and I'm visual addict. I think life should be an adventure and that's why I try to keep my mind open and explore the world as much as I can. I have endless wanderlust.

I've been living in Finland, France, The Netherlands and now in Sweden. Right now all is good here in Sweden but who knows what future has to offer. I'm always open to new adventures! I'm happy to share this vagabond feeling with my Swedish love who has been living abroad for more than ten years. Now he is back at home and I continue being an expat.

I hope you enjoy my expat and travel stories.

It's a bitter-sweet thing, knowing two cultures.Once you leave your birthplace nothing is ever the same.  
 -Sarah Turnbull-

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